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Thursday, July 27, 2006

...And There Is Your Excuse To Invade Abkhazia

The past week has seen a flurry of military activity in Georgia. A local warlord (yes Georgia still has people calling themselves such titles) has been stirring up trouble. Emzar Kvitsiani made various statements in the past few days, mainly along the line that he doesn't recognise the new government in Georgia etc. Yet for many years Kvitsiani and his militia have been tolerated by the government - was this the last straw?

Regardless of the political intrigues, Georgia has repeatedly said it will not invade Abkhazia (that's the breakaway state sharing a ceasefire line very close to where Kvitsiani is operating). Yet an interesting development occurred today as the rebel leader escaped from the clutches of the Georgian Interior ministry. Whoops! A bit of a blunder considering all the bravado earlier in the week from Saakashvili about the 'might of the armed forces'.

Apparently the fugitive has escaped to Abkhazia, although what solid evidence this is based upon is anyones guess. Oh and what is this? The 'exiled-government' of the break-away region has unexpectedly moved this evening from Tbilisi into an area of Abkhazia that has been under the government's control for years...make of that what you will. Stand by, is the ground work being put down for a full-out war against the break-away region? Would be an excuse for violating the Abkhazian territory...


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