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Monday, July 17, 2006

Let's Talk About The Middle - East Over A Bread Roll

There's too much I could say about the current desperate state of affairs in the Middle-East as Israel and Hizbollah batter each other to death. Perhaps I will at some point in the next few days, but for now I think this video just about sums up efforts by Bush and Blair. The link can be found here.

This will go a long way to dismissing the stereotype that Tony Blair simply listens and nods along with Bush. Furthermore the impression that Bush is some kind of uncultured fellow with little in the way of basic table manners can no doubt be expelled. Most importantly of all there can be no doubt that the next meeting between the two leaders and Kofi Annan should be incredibly warm and friendly.

My biggest regret is Channel 4 in the UK are the only station to have shown the video in full. A cheeky looking Vladimir Putin can be seen sniggering to himself as Blair panics and switches of the mike - but most News programmes are cutting the clip before then. Putin seems to be cutting himself as quite an amusing leader at the moment.


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