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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yushchenko The Great Philosopher Or The Great Fool?

Ukrainian leader Viktor Yushchenko apparently 'sees a moment of truth' in Ukraine's political life. Is his party about to join forces with the Party of Regions? Check out their website to see what a rudderless organisation they are. Every other story is "we will join on our own terms/we will go into opposition".

On the subject of a different coalition being formed...well all this clap trap about Our Ukraine joining the government without the Communists....don't be silly Yushchenko. If the Commies have in fact taken a £300 million bribe, the PoR will want to make sure that they're receiving guaranteed 'Tak' votes on every single bill. And that just ain't gonna happen if the Communists are in opposition. Besides, Our Ukraine's votes won't be guaranteed. They can't even be attempted to be bribed as that would expose what a sleazy party the Regions are. In addition, they might just rebel in Parliament. I mean with no financial benefits MP's might actually act on their own morals. Good heavens! In Ukraine?

Why Yushchenko is entertaining such an idea is beyond me. It's pipe dreams that will never come true. Why? Because as I just explained Regions have their bribed majority, and all the while Our Ukraine is seen to be negotiating with Donetsk gangsters, their popularity continues to slide. So, if Yushchenko does decide to call an election, it will be a clean PoR, BYuT fight. And Yanukovych knows he will win.


  • At 7:43 pm, Blogger MSS said…

    Regardless of whether Our Ukraine joins the coalition or not, Yushchenko retains his veto. It takes 2/3 to override. So, quite literally, no laws can change to the benefit of Regions without the consent of Our Ukraine (or at least its leader, the President).

    What about a dissolution and early election? Can Yushchenko do that? Regardless of whether he or Yanukovych would "win," I don't think so.

    If there were a new election to be held somehow, I doubt much would change, other than possibily a reordering of votes and seats between the Tymoshenko bloc and Our Ukraine, in favor of the former. Yanukovych's support was flat from 2004 to 2006, and likely would remain so.

    In fact, the only one who really stands to gain from a new election is probably Tymoshenko. Why Yushchenko would want to carry out a probably unconstitutional act for little likely gain is beyond me. I say he is negotiating for portfolios for his party. Given the options available to him, that's all for the good. If the coalition is going to be centered around Regions, better than Our Ukraine be in it than out.

    Had Yush and Yulia buried the hatchet and given Moroz the speakership, the Orange coalition would have been formed. It was a major miscalculation on their part not to recognize that the one thing Socialists, Regions, and Communists have in common is the willingness to deal with anyone for the sake of power.


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