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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Alleged Crime Boss Murdered

Originally posted at NewEurasia

An unexpected end to a story that had been whizzing around for the past month or so. Reputed Crime boss Rysbek Akmatbaev, who had controversially been elected last month, is dead.

Aside from the day Robert Mugabe departs, I will most likely never say these words again but, good riddance. Kyrgyz politics needs to clean up it’s image, and having such questionable MP’s elected is not going to achieve that. Akmatbaev and his brother had caused a number of controversy’s since the Revolution, and quite frankly politics may be better off without them.

Unfortunately the likelihood is that Akmatbaev’s murder is a result of a business dispute - and while one bad egg is gone, another has likely gained a piece of turf. I somehow doubt that Bakiyev’s special forces have come into play…

10 May 2006


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