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Friday, July 07, 2006

Yushchenko Must Disband Parliament As Regions Tenticles Infiltrate Orange Coalition

We all thought it would be Our Ukraine that would betray the Orange coalition. Just weeks ago Oleksandr Moroz and Yulia Tymoshenko stood shoulder to shoulder, harping on about Democracy and how Yushchenko's party was on the verge of a great betrayal.

However in the past hours, Moroz, leader of the Socialist party and the smallest fraction within the Orange team has defected. Why? So this old man can take up the last chance he has at placing his hands on any type of power. After a flat 'No' from the Orange team in regard to Moroz's demand to be Speaker, the Socialists have teamed up with Communists and Regions to get their man to head the Rada.

My anger, and I am sure it is shared by many in Ukraine, is not at the economic future now ahead for Ukraine, nor is it at a feeling of great love for Yulia or Viktor, but, out of sadness for Ukrainian Democracy.

As I have said several times in the past, the Party of Regions have no interest in Democracy. Most of their leading members are corrupt or shady Oligarchs. When Yanukovych's cronies last had a grip on power they attempted to rig a Presidential election, and even considered crushing the Orange protestors. See here. With accusations being batted around that half of the Socialist party have accepted back-handers to act as political slaves to Regions things aren't looking good. Thus sadly what we now have is De Facto Regions control of government, with a weakened Presidency that will struggle to clip any immoral decisions made by this government.

The only option left now is for Yushchenko to dissolve Parliament - something Tymoshenko is arguing for. A coalition was not created within 30 days of the Rada's first meeting so it is all still theoretically possible. Yet, would Yushchenko be saving Ukraine? With the Socialists in Yanukovych's pockets, Our Ukraine and BYuT would struggle to get anywhere close to a majority of votes. The only card the team can play now is to indeed dissolve the legislature and rally as many like-minded voters around its unified cause. There is a slim chance of success, but surely it is better than the status quo.

The conclusion for now though surely must be that Moroz is the ultimate Judas - he may have just sent Ukrainian Democracy down the drain in his desire to take a hold of power. Shame on him.


Check out Ukrainian Notes, and Neeka's Backlog for more information. Meanwhile you can watch some very sad Orange faces as Moroz makes his acceptance speech.


  • At 12:33 pm, Blogger LEvko said…

    Hi Matt - Thanks for linking me into your blogsite. [btw it's foreignnotes - but that's not problem] The extent of Moroz's betrayal here
    You're probably as fascinated by Ukr politics as I am. Beats the Sopranos every time.

    Once PR get a real grip on power, Moroz and the Commies will be dead in the water. This is their last chance to 'cash in'. I read that PR want to raise the 3% barrier in the next elections to finish them off [and maybe even finish off the sad remains of NSNU]

    There's quite a good article [in Russian] on one of the very few independent East Ukr sites at

    Whatever happens next - it won't be boring. Yulka has taken the events of the last few days badly, but BYuT will regroup..


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