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Monday, September 11, 2006

Moldova And Ruddy Blogspot

Dear readers,

Firstly may I begin by apologising for the lack of updates recently. Quite frankly I could barely be bothered in the last few weeks to write anything - probably due to the lack of positive events which have occurred in terms of world affairs. Whilst Israel smashed up half of Lebanon, the British government pressed self-destruct. Elsewhere the Party of Regions gangsters have been busying themselves lining their pockets with more money they've stolen from hard-working Ukrainians and reverting to their trademark bully boy tactics against the media.

A few minutes ago I completed a cracking post about the current situation in Moldova. It took over an hour to write, and covered an angle that nobody else in the blogsphere appeared to pick up on. Unfortunately due to Blogspot being a piece of cr*p I lost the entire post. I won't go into the details, but anyone who has a blog with Blogspot will be aware of how easy it is to lose those, oh-so-carefully constructed posts in seconds.

For those interested, a brief summary of the post is as follows:

  • Yanukovych is the new Ukrainian PM. Most people in senior Ukrainian government/state positions have now been replaced with men that make your local used-carsalesman look like Mother Terresa. Yanukovych doesnt care about Democracy.

  • Ukraine's former government's cared about Democracy. Hence all these useless talking shops such as GUAM that it set up alongside Georgia and Moldova. In addition Kyiv had previously committed itself to a blockade of the rebel Trans-Dniester region of Moldova. The blockade would mean eventual economic collapse for the mafia running the rebel area, as Dniester shares a border only with Ukraine and Moldova.

  • PoR are in the pockets of President Putin. Putin virtually controls all these little break-away regions in the former Soviet Union. Sooner or later the Russian dictator will tell Yanukovych to end this silly little blockade, because Trans-Dneister is a good way of bullying Moldova (which is of no geographical or economical use to Moscow) into doing what the Kremlin wants.

  • President Voronin has hardly had a great news-day today. RFE/RL have published two stories that hardly flatter his Moldovan government and it's record on Democracy. (see here, and here)

  • In Conclusion. Yanukovych's election may well mean that Moldova's Communist government gives up on this pretence of Democracy. With Eastern Europe sliding back towards old authoritarian ways what is the point in Chisianu continuing to pander to Brussels? Keep watching to see a clash between the west and the KGB mafia in Moscow.

Yeah, im very irritable tonight.

Good evening to you, until next time

Matt Jay


  • At 12:59 am, Blogger MSS said…

    Sorry to hear about the lost post. I have had it happen, and I do not use blogspot.

    Now, if I am doing such a magnum opus, I draft it in a text program that allows easy and frequent saves and then copy it into Word Press.

    I really wish your post existed, as Moldova quite interests me. It may be quite tiny, but perhaps even more than Ukraine (and certainly more than Georgia) it is really a highly critical case on the front lines between the EU and Russia, between democracy and authoritarianism.


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