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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mongolian Government Collapses

The Mongolian government is likely to fall later, after a major party pulled out of the coalition government. The MPRP (Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party) withdrew its support on Wednesday, blaming it for slow economic growth and inflation. However its former ally, the Democratic Party alleged it had done so because the party's alleged corruption was about to be discussed in parliament. Hundreds of protestors are currently gathered in Ulan Bator to protest against the move.

The Ulan Bator Post has the best analysis of this story, giving a blow by blow account of all the political back-stabbing currently ongoing.

Fortunately Mongolia is relatively stable and has avoided the chaos seen in other fledgling Democracies such as Kyrgyzstan.

If the corruption allegations are true however, then the resignations are without doubt worrying. The MPRP holds the most cards in Mongolian politics, with the positions of President and Speaker of Parliament in their hands. Forming a coalition would however be difficult, parliament is currently about a 50:50 split between the two parties. It is therefore a distinct possibility that MP's, or the President (in agreement with the Parliamentary Speaker), will dissolve the legislature.

Mongolian politics has been fascinating since the fall of communism in the late 1980's. Elections have been incredibly unpredictable, but always free and fair. Let's hope that the MPRP aren't about to damage the reputation they've built over the last decade for Mongolia, as a Democratic society. It's the only significant asset this country has.


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