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Monday, January 09, 2006

MDC Finally Falls Apart

This looks like the end game for what we know as the MDC. The long embattled Zimbabwean opposition party has effectively split in two, with a new man claiming to be its leader. Gibson Sibanda claims to be supported by 25 MP's. BBC News has the story here.

Aside from the fact that such disunity is bad for any Zimbabwean hoping to be lifted from severe poverty, the split has a more disheartening aspect.

Whilst Morgan Tsvangirai was always a somewhat weak leader, incapable or unwilling to go out on to the streets with his people to bring down Mugabe, he had finally realised Zim elections were a sham. Sibanda however is part of a group that decided to participate in the recent Senate election. The long story behind how Tsvangirai went against the majority of the party (who wished to stand in the ballot) is neither here nor there. The reality on the ground is that Mugabe and Zanu-PF will only be toppled by a revolution or coup. By pretending/hoping/believing the MDC can win an election in unprecedented censorship and repression is ignorant at best.

Sibanda wont save Zimbabwe, his pie in the sky dreams are only going to lead to further desperation for its people. An armed struggle is increasingly looking to be the only way out...


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