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Friday, March 31, 2006

Best Of The Week's Blogs

A new feature now on Democracy Rising, partially lending to the old Carnival of Revolutions (whatever happened to that?!). Here are my top 5 blog entries for the week beginning 27th March 2006:

  • Andrei Khrapavitski asks 'Whats up with Lukashenka?'. For those who are unaware, the Belarusian President has been missing from television screens since his defiant press conference on the Monday after the ballot. Furthermore suspicions are being raised by the cancellation of Luka's inauguration. So just where he is? Has he turned to drink, is he afraid the opposition might spoil his big day? A heart attack? In the same week Castro supposedly died, my logic tells me to dismiss this as pure speculation. Read on though...

  • Not so much a post, but a Blog to keep your eye on. Singapore - probably one of the worlds most cleverly run police-states - is expected to hold a general election in the coming months. With the rise of the 'Democratic movement' can the opposition make some inroads into the PAP's 47-year long rule?

Happy reading!

Matt Jay


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