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Thursday, December 08, 2005

As Zimbabwe Heads For Collapse, Kenya Faces Political Meltdown

2005 hasn't been great for Africa. The opening years of the Millenium looked to be the start of a new era of Democracy and prosperity. Perhaps the continent would finally climb out of poverty and embrace liberal ideas?

According to Jan Egeland who has been visiting Zimbabwe this week, things are beyond 'crisis'. Mugabe, a man sure of his own brilliance, basically told the UN where to stick their tents for the homeless. Apparently Zimbabwean's aren't tent people, and the UN should build permanent houses for them. Im sure his people will prefer to sleep on the cold streets than in tents. Good one Mugabe. I think his only aim now is to become the most vile dictator ever.

From one basket case to a nation which looked so much brighter in 2002 - Kenya. After a failed referendum, President Mwai Kibaki's attempts to quell discontent have backfired. Several MP's appointed as ministers have refused to take up their posts, citing a lack of consultation. If Kibaki cannot keep his own coalition in line, the chances of workable government are slim. Kenya is either about to slip into its own chaos, or the President may have to go against his own wishes, and call fresh elections.


If you want a good round-up of Africa's Despotism and Corruption, check out Razi Azmi from the Daily Times, as he 'thinks aloud' from a Pakistani point of view.


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