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Monday, November 28, 2005

Kyrgyzstan By-Election Results

I know I haven't spoken about them before, but for those of you wondering what happened in the hotly contested by-elections, here's the info.

Former Prime Minister Nikolai Tanayev was the most severe loser of the day receiving just 3 percent of the vote in his constituency. Interestingly the seat was won with a 52 percent share by Janysh Kudaibergenov, a relative of businessman Jyrgalbek Surabaldiyev, an Akayev supporter of the ousted government murdered in June.

Ex-Foreign Minister Roza Otunbaeva received a more acceptable 28 percent according to the Central Election Commission. What next for Otunbaeva? She's becoming a bit of a black sheep in Kyrgyz politics unable to gain a foothold in government or parliament. All reinforces the commonly held view that she had been popular on the international stage, but not neccessarily with her own people.

The final piece of news comes from the southern Aksy district, where ex-Prosecutor General Azimbek Beknazarov, a key leader in the revolution, won more than 88 percent of the vote.

Some interesting characters elected there, showing that whilst democracy is still most likely influenced by corruption, parliament isn't being packed with Bakiyev supporters.


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