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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bakiyev Does 'A Putin'

Yesterday's somewhat comical accusations by Russia, of British spying in Moscow, raised a number of points and fears. The majority of these related to accusations that espionage was taking place in order to assist NGO's receiving Western donations. It's clear to anyone of even a limited intelligence, that this is of course nonsense, and in fact relates to Putin's slide towards Dictatorship.

Kyrgyzstan meanwhile, shifting slowly into Moscow's arms, appears to be taking inspiration from this with the news today that Bishkek will 'investigate' thousands of NGO's. State television has also been providing the complementary accusations of 'western interference'. In recent months pressure on the independent media has also grown, begging the question 'Is Kyrgyzstan's only asset, Democracy, being destroyed?'

For the sake of the Kyrgyz people, lets hope Bakiyev doesn't think he can copy Putin's Russian tactics. Such an attempt would show grave misunderstanding of the desires/desperation of citizens. Protests are growing and if Bakiyev messes up, people may turn against Democracy and in to the arms of extremists.


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