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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kazakhstan: Astana Seeks OSCE Rotating Chairmanship In 2009

More of the same rhetoric from Nazarbayev at RadioFreeEurope about chairing the OSCE in 2009. He's got his work cut out if he wants to make progress on this front. Kazakhstan isn't even a member yet.

Will be interesting to note how Kazakh-OSCE relations go after the December ballot (which going by current trends is likely to be condemned as less than fair). The best case scenario for the central government is muted criticism mixed with praise of 'progress'. I have a feeling we may see Nazarbayev stick his nose up to the OSCE, if it's election report is anything less than the aforementioned. In which case, Russia and China will likely grow closer to Astana. Perhaps Nazarbayev is hoping that he can somehow 'convince' the OSCE that unless they support his election the U.S and EU will lose another Central Asian ally. If that's the case he doesn't understand the democratic nature of the OSCE, and its autonomous roots. The only way to the hearts of Brussels is through true democratic reforms.

On a side note, EurasiaNet has an article about Nazarbayev's shift in tactics during the current campaign.


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