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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" ~ President John F. Kennedy

Thursday, November 03, 2005

More Violence In Ethiopia

Over at the BBC, news of 3 more deaths as opposition forces and police clash for a third day in Addis Ababa. The renewed violence comes a day after police shot dead at least 23 people and wounded dozens more.AP also has information about the story. You've gotta take your hat off to them. Considering the high death tolls, the determination of many Ethiopians to achieve political change is incredibly heroic. Interesting to note Information Minister Berhan Hailu saying the government was "sorry and sad" for the violence, but blaming it on the main opposition party. There is such a thing as riot control. Shooting live bullets into a crowd is uneccessary...unless you want to intimidate those rioters of course.

Staying with Ethiopia, the UN is warning of a potential conflict between Addis Ababa and its eastern neighbour, Eritrea. Ethiopia has sent almost half of its army to the region. The problems for Meles Zenawi keep on growing. Can't help but feel that almost all are as a result of his own megalomania.


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