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Friday, September 02, 2005

An Encouraging Development

Well during the past weeks and months Georgian democracy appeared to be somewhat on the rocks (see earlier posts). However, today a positive development, as the new head of public television offered to broadcast the investigative report regarding the activities of MP Koba Bekauri originally scheduled for '202' television.

A unexpected move to say the least, should be interesting to see whether or not the programme is broadcast nationwide. There are many different angles to look at, largely relating to Public Broadcasting's independence. Could this be a move by Saakashvili to deflect western criticism over the arrest of Ramishvili? Perhaps the Georgian government sees Bekauri as a liability and wishes to use the documentary as a method to dispose of him? Maybe the programme does not incriminate Bekauri in any way? Or perhaps the new body is truly independent and is making such moves under its own initiative?

If this documentary goes out, unedited, during prime time, on Georgian Public Television, without any criticism from government quarters or reports of intimidation, then it most definitely will be a step in the right direction for Georgian democracy.

Watch this space.......


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