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Friday, March 10, 2006

Nazarbaeva Running Scared?

Interesting to note this article today, with the President's daughter claiming the opposition to be in 'cahoots' with the security forces.

Several interesting points can be raised from this.

Firstly given the fascinating article on RFE/RL last weekend in regard to 'shadow politics', is Nazarbaeva's position as Presidential successor now under threat from one or more corners? It would certainly seem so, or that the Nazarbayev's are trying to put up the frightners incase anyone gets a clever idea.

Secondly, can the opposition capitalise on the situation? Contemplate this for a moment. A behind the scenes power struggle is on-going. Whilst the government fights amongst itself, it is possible that their eye will be taken off the opposition, allowing them to make in roads into Nazarbayev support. It is also possible that those in the know, such as the KNB, may look over intelligence about the 'enemy', in an attempt to further rattle the foundations of power. These parties, partially made up of ex-cronies may themselves prove a useful tool for any power group hoping to secure the 2012 Otan ticket.

The election is over, but I think the real shockwaves are occuring in the powers of corridor as we speak.


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