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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Zimbabwe Opposition Expels Rebels

From the BBC. This split only deepens the rift in the MDC and makes the job of defeating Mugabe all that more difficult. The President must be rubbing his hands together.

I think the real significance of this split is one of methods. The rebels believe that Mugabe can be toppled by elections (either that or they're so desperate to line their own pockets, through parliamentary expenses, they are happy to participate in a sham). Tsvangirai meanwhile seems to accept that something else is needed to topple Bob. The unfortunate thing is that a charismatic leader, who is prepared to potentially break the rules, (ala-Mandela) is yet to emerge in this second category. Morgan Tsvangirai, as some have said in the past, may well be too weak mentally to become this person.

Zimbabwe waits for its hero.


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