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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's Getting Awful Hot In Here

Is everyone in Bishkek bunking off work today? Three protests are currently going on. You may remember Numero Uno (that's the anti-Kulov rally) from Saturday. Rysbek Akmatbaev, brother of the MP murdered last week, has now set up a tent close to the Parliament square. Supporters with binoculars are reportedly standing close to the tent scanning the assembly's windows and roof for potential snipers whilst a pre-recorded tape plays "Kulov get out!" through a public address system every few minutes.

Yesterday some 600 Ar-Namys (Kulov’s party) supporters began demonstrating across the square demanding that the Kulov-Bakiyev Alliance continue.

Now, another 'meeting' has started - this time against President Bakiyev at the government compound. Some 200 rally participants are demanding that Bakiyev fulfil his election promises. No clashes have been reported so far between the participants of the meetings and police are apparently not interfering.

An elderly gentleman from Osh sums up peoples feelings; "Fifty of us arrived. We've heard from our people that there's a protest. We are sick and tired of the unstable situation in the country, we want someone to put an end to the chaos. Why after the revolution [in March] hasn't the situation improved?"

The Kyrgyz Parliament meanwhile, has decided to set up a seven-member commission to investigate the death of Tynychbek Akmatbaev.

Expect to see these protests and more in the brand new 'When Revolutions Go Bad' DVD out after the Azeri elections next month.


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