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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Clean Sweep For Saakashvili

The latest results are in and it appears that the ruling National-Movement is heading for victory in all 5 contested by-election seats in Georgia. Here's a quick run down, courtesy of Civil Georgia:

Tbilisi’s Isani Constituency:
Bidzina Bregadze of the National Movement - 8 753 votes;
Giorgi Mosidze of the New Rights opposition party – 5 841 votes;
Other three candidates received 1 207 votes all together.

Tkibuli Constituency:
Pavle Kublashvili of the National Movement - 9 306 votes;
Nino Kvariani of the New Rights party – 1 854 votes.

Batumi Constituency:
Jemal Inaishvili of the National Movement - 8 249 votes;
Jumber Tavartkiladze of the opposition Conservative Party – 1 753 votes;
Four other candidates could garner only 753 votes.

Kobuleti Constituency:
Koba Khabazi of the National Movement - 13 920 votes;
Jimsher Jincharadze of the Conservative Party – 6 160 votes;
Non-partisan Avtandil Mikeladze - 336 votes.

Shuakhevi Constituency:
Elguja Makaradze of the National Movement - 5 484 votes;
Eduard Nizharadze of the New Rights party - 2 116 votes;
Non-partisan Vladimer Mumladze – 222 votes.

And the best news of all, election observers hailed the vote as free and fair. As previously predicted, certain forces claimed the election was rigged. Unsuprisingly these accusation come from the ill-supported Laborist party. Seems like Georgia still has some way to go before achieving political maturity.


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